Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Getting organized - Secret #6

6. Put it away NOW, not later!

This secret works with the decision secret. I have a terrible habit of coming in the door and tossing whatever I have in my hand on the nearest table or counter top with the best of intentions of coming right back to put it away. I bet you do too, unless you are already organized. Hey!! If you are already organized why are you reading this? Well, I am glad you are reading this even if you are organized.

Not putting things away right now is one of the main reasons things get cluttered and unorganized. It doesn’t take much longer to put things away properly than it does to toss them on the nearest table top. Most importantly, the habit of putting things away now will save a tremendous amount of time when it is time to clean and when you are looking for something you need right now. It will save days of sorting and organizing later. Just think… what if we had been doing this all along? We would not be spending days, weeks, maybe even months getting organized now.

Starting today, force yourself to put things in their home the minute you are done using them, not later. In a few short days you will have formed the habit and putting things in their home will seem the only rational thing to do.

Thanks for stopping in today. I hope you will comment and come again. I only have three more posts in this getting organized series. What are we going to talk about next? Knitting? Food? A little of this and a little of that? I don't really know, but we will talk about something. A girl can always chat about something.

See you again soon!


  1. I'm terrible at organization, but I always know where everything is... of course, my office generally looks like a tornado passed through.

  2. My office looks pretty bad right now too, but I am working on it today and tomorrow. THEN... It is going to STAY perfect. I am SICK to death of looking at this mess. It is driving me nuts, not that I had fat to go. :)

    Thanks for reading my blog!