Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Getting organized - Secret #7 - AND Spring is in the air!

It is so beautiful here today!! The flowers are blooming. The grass is begining to green up and the trees are showing signs of life. It is so nice to feel the cool gentle breeze on my face. I can smell the fresh scent of spring in the air. What a joy to be alive in this day and enjoy God's creations.

Who wants to be cooped up inside getting organized? Not me, but here I sit...

Secret # 7...

7. Clean as you go.

It has been my experience if I “let things go” for a while, it is overwhelming when time comes that cleaning must take place. When things get messy, I get overwhelmed, so it is easier for me to clean as I go rather than letting it pile up. I have a weekly cleaning list that I use to tackle house cleaning chores each day so I am not spending more than an hour, two at the most cleaning daily. I clean the kitchen and dining area daily and after each meal. I add one or two additional rooms each weekday to the mix so I am really just staying caught up weekly without having to have a full 12 hour day of cleaning each week. I do laundry and clean bathrooms on Mondays, in addition to the Kitchen and Dining area. I sweep, mop, and polish all the floors in the house on Fridays so they are nice for the weekend and any drop in guests that might show up unannounced.

When I am cooking I wash up the dishes as I go, so there is not such a huge mess at the end. I avoid messing up every dish in the house too!! I am not about making more work for myself. NO WAY!! I have enought to do as it is. ...stepping off that soap box now... If I can use the same bowl for two things, I will. I really do hate to clean, so I have to do everything I can to simplify and make cleaning not seem overwhelming to me. I wipe down the counter and stove constantly as I am cooking so that I don’t have to spend another hour in the kitchen cleaning after each meal.

Clean as you go is put it away now’s partner. They work hand in hand to help you get organized and stay organized.

We can do this!!!


  1. Love your blog and this post...I too am a clean as I go kinda gal! It makes things so much easier..right? Happy to have you as a new follower and happy to follow back. Thanks for your nice comment. Please come visit again..every Friday I bake a different pie for 'Friday is Pieday' and every Tuesday is Tutorial Tuesday with Hope Studios, and you could win a prize! So please come join us...we are a friendly bunch ..;-)

  2. Janet - Thanks for visiting my blog!! I know we will keep in touch.