Monday, February 20, 2012

Me: Hello!! So glad you could make it today.

MY REPLY TO ME: Me too!! I am glad to be back in the swing of things. So... what do you say, let's get this blog going again!?

ME: Great!! Since it has been a while let's take a minute to review. If you want a more detailed writing check out the original postings.

Here we go:

1. Research and Plan
a. make a list
b. make a decision
c. purchase a day planner
d. plan daily and stick to the plan
e. follow the 6 most important tasks rule
f. prioritize
g. delegate
h. follow through
2. Reduce Clutter
3. Write it down! NOW not later!!!
4. Make a decision and act on it
5. A place for everything and everything in its place.
6. Put it away NOW, not later!
7. Clean as you go
8. Multi Task

That bring us up to date... Whew!!

Now for my last getting organized and staying organized tip.

Tip #9

Develop a routine/system.

Once you find a place for everything and have everything in its place, it is easy to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of your de-cluttered environment. BUT don’t do it! Treat yourself with a reward and move on. It is very important that you continue to develop the habits you have been forming over the past few days, weeks, even months.

If you just sit back and relax, before you know it disorganization and clutter will creep back in your lovely home and take up residence once again.

We have discussed systems and routines in some of our secrets. A planner is one system. The inbox is also an example of a system and a routine for all incoming paper. A daily division of cleaning is another example of a system and a routine for maintaining a clean home environment.

In order to get organized and stay organized it is vital to have systems that have specific procedures and guidelines that can become routines in your daily lifestyle. It is a good idea to write out each system so that you can make them simple, efficient, and fit your lifestyle. You know what they say; KISS – Keep It Simple Sister! Avoid extra steps, anything that will require more effort. We all like things quick and simple.

Make sure your systems and routines work with your kid’s schedules, running errands, household chores, laundry, office time, mail, exercise, family time, your personal quiet time and any other area of your life that you can think of.

When you have your systems and routines in place things should flow smoothly. You need to be dedicated to doing a little each day once you are organized, so you will stay organized, so you can relax each day and enjoy your clutter free organized home.

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