Saturday, February 18, 2012

WOW!! How time flies...

It has been quite a long span since my last post!!

Well, let's not cry over spilt milk. Let's just pick up where we left off and get on with the getting organized tips.

But first I want to share a few photos of what I accomplished while the blog was neglected.

This is a scarf and earwarmer set I whipped up.
A slouchy hat I designed for fun.
Ahh... a cup cozy for valentines day.
Another Slouchy hat. This time knit in a worsted weight yarn.
And yes, you know I could not leave out the precious little one. You can probably tell, she didn't really want her picture taken, she was trying to watch the Superbowl in her team sweater.
That's what I have been knitting. What have you been knitting?

I'd love to hear from you!

Let's talk again on Monday! Don't forget to bring your favorite morning drink and join me for an organizational tip and maybe a little talk about knitting, or crocheting, or beading, or... you never know what might be on my mind.

I'm lookiong forward to our time together.

Thanks for dropping in today.


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