Monday, January 25, 2010

Football and the Superbowl

What can I say? I have always been for both the Colts and the Saints. Archie Manning is my favorite all time quarterback and Peyton (his son) is now quarterback for the Colts. It is strange to say, but I will be happy no matter who wins the Superbowl, but I am pulling for the Colts. I would love to see Peyton win another Superbowl. He has all the luck. First Superbowl he played was against the NY Giants, where Eli (his brother) is quarterback. The Colts wons. I felt bad for Eli, but I was glad for Peyton, this year, it is a sort of the same for me.

Prissy loves her Colts sweater that I knit up for her. She will wear it Superbowl Sunday to support her team (like she really cares).

I think I will make myself a Colts beanie. Oh well... enough about football.

I am working on a Valentine Day hat for babies. I am almost to the crown decrease. I will post pictures below in a bit.

Still thinking about Superbowl Sunday, so I guess I have not said enough about football after all. ::giggle::

Now I am thinking about the food we will eat on Superbowl Sunday. We usually snack around all day. I am thinking about baking some football shaped sugar cookies and decorating them like footballs with browm and white chocolate icing. I always have trouble with my cut outs keeping their shape during baking. I wonder what I am doing worng. Maybe I will bake test batch tomorrow and see if I can get it all worked out.

Well, I better get my house cleaning chores for today completed, so I can run my errands and come home to cuddle up in a nice comfy chair, with a cup of hot chocolate and knit while a watch a good movie, or a mediocre movie, or maybe even a bad movie, who knows. Maybe I should subscribe to Net Flix, but I am concerned it will be just the same as the premium movie chanels on demand where there is never anything available that I want to see.

If anyone is actually reading this besides me, I hope you have a GREAT day and accomplish something big today.

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