Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just my thoughts

Yesterday was a busy day. I didn't get anything done that I had originally planned to do. I spent my day running around preparing for the winter storm they are now warning us will come tomorrow. We now have a generator. So, for a few hours each day we will have a few modern day conveniences. We have a brisket, a pork roast, and some chicken that we can either grill or smoke for hot food. I pulled all of the camping gear from the shop so we can now also heat up hot chocolate, and cook on the Coleman burner.

I am praying that we will not have ice to deal with in our area. That always seems to be devastating to an area. I don't mind the snow, but I really don't want to deal with ice. They are predicting if we get the expected ice accumulation before the additional snow accumulation some residents will be without power for days.

One year ago today we had an ice storm and some area residents were without power for more than 2 weeks. We were fortunate since we were only without power no more than a few minutes during that storm. God is good to us! He keeps us in all things.

Today I have double duty here in the house, since I didn't get anything done yesterday as far as household daily chores go. Yuck! Who likes housework? Not me! I try to clean two rooms each day, in addition to a daily cleaning of the kitchen and dining area, so that I don't have two full days of nothing but house cleaning and laundry. When I tackle a few small cleaning tasks each day it doesn't seem so over whelming and it helps me stay on top of things that need to be done. Actually, tackling a few small tasks each day in everything, not just housekeeping, helps me accomplish more as a whole than if I just go through life hap-hazardly. How about you? Do you try to do a little each day or do you try to tackle it all at once?

Well, I am off to the daily drudge to see if I can get caught up in the house, so when the winter weather is here and hubby is stranded at home, I can do some things that I really want to do, like knit, spend some quality time with DH, and read a book I have been trying to find time to read since before Christmas.

Hope you have a GREAT day!

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